Monday, November 18, 2019
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ideas have consequences

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POEM - A Job interview

By Emeka Chiakwelu

It was chilly morning - a baked oasis of pending hope
journey to success never doubted the studious mind
time to step in as bold and courageous
Not when the boiling cup of coffee has been subdued
Nobody is going to wait for the starbucks line to rescind

As I came to the door it was spotty of doubts
do I say good morning first or do I wait to say something first
a minor case for morning but has a way of making fools to be clueless
depart from your sage mentality for wisdom belongs to the superiors
Yes I meant the superior for descending thoughts bears success
befuddle by this cogitating swims of buoyant thoughts

Good morning sir,  oh!  madam ...It is a beautiful day indeed
the public relation exuberance, effervescence without doubt
Yes! Yes.. what is the name again and what can i do for you?
Am I in a wrong place i nearly blurted under a nervous breath?
I held my peace and run the power of listening and control
It was not the physical chemistry rehearsal that bothered me
It was the thoughtful thinking of the miscalculated calculus

She continued with her meandering and crispy voice
"working for us is fun but i must warn you it is difficult"
Was it to intimidate me with such a condescending prouncement
job was not made to be fun but to solve problems with bulging energetic strands 
I took it cold headed or level headed...! just care a lot more
not to be humiliated ....eyes were  protruded and neck was upright

I was born strong...I survived the aftermath of Biafra civil war
And you think working under an aircondition is difficult
You must be out of your dawned was a thought that i can never voiced out
That’s what they called redecorated image and making impression
Do not say things that will put you in trouble
Your accent is vibrant and uppity... what an observation from a superficial person

Oddity of questions, absconding the rules of the game
why is accent necessary here,,,, will i be answering phones for occupation?
But to solve problems in the ecosystem of the field chemistry
Yes she is being friendly but unnecessary friendliness can be unfriendly
it goes with the job be friendly but never friends
I am not new in this business’ of amity and politeness

Sinuous air streaming from standing metal of the air conditioner is getting chilly
therefore lets hurry up and wrap this up before normality sets in
it was fun and good...we will call
Anticipate or expect our call any way...thanks- oo daalu
Have a nice day and she ran to the perpendicular rest room.


God Bless Texas - Standing strong against Harvey

By Emeka Chiakwelu

Image result for harvey hurricane in texas

A meddling dew night

Disastrous darkness shrouded in duplicity
Destabilizing wind deepen with wrecking flood

But what are you?
Wind, rain and Yes a flood - a voracious evil
Multidimensional devilish character

Houston is in its place – beautiful and evergreen
So is our Texas
A beauty that beckons the singing of angels
Then the enemy came

Roaring like a mountain lion
It came as a wind
It came as rain
It came as flood

Our LORD set a bulwark
Because whom our LORD has blessed cannot be cursed
Creating a bulwark against the enemy
Texas triumphed – Yes Houston shines
We came to together to defeat the enemy

Spirit of Texas simmering, glowing
Lone star energy - wax stronger
Yes! Love of freedom capacious

As the root endures
and leaves blossom on embrace of Texas sunshine
God bless Texas and Houston - the strong one!

By Emeka Chiakwelu on Harvey Hurricane