Thursday, April 22, 2021
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ideas have consequences

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Monday, 25 February 2013 17:31

letter to President Jonathan: Mr. President, Dare Boko Harams!

Written by Taiwo Lawrence Adeyemi
President Jonatahan President Jonatahan

Mr. President, Dare Boko Harams!



Dear Mr President,


I am writing this piece upon my return from Maiduguri "The Seat of the Kanuris" "Home of Hospitality". Maiduguri, a once bustling town for beehive of commerce: for trader’s en-route to Lake Chad for buying and selling of fish. The only city Othman Dan Fodio could neither conquer nor capture in his jihad conquest. Maiduguri, Nigeria international gateway to Chad [Gamboru Ngala], has suddenly turn into a city that has to go to sleep by 6:00pm.



The once proud Kanuri's has being forced into recluse; the menace of Boko Haram on the economy off Borno State is beyond my permutation. From a political thug created by the former state governor Senator Ali Modu Sheriff 'ECOMOG', this political thug metamorphoses into Africa's second deadliest Islamic sect.



They have virtually turned Maiduguri nay the entire North Eastern part of Nigeria into a no go area. Former President Olusegun Obasanjo, despite security warnings dare the Boko Haram enclave, he went, he saw, he dialogue. Your Vice-President Arc Namadi Sambo also briefly visited Maiduguri.



But sir, your Excellency haven't dare to step into Maiduguri [the Boko Haram enclave] to see for yourself the magnitude of human, materials and environmental destruction the Boko Haram has unleashed on the hapless citizens of the North East zone of Nigeria.



2015 presidency is now a ding-dong, if eventually your party [PDP] fielded you and you sail through as the PDP flag-bearer, will you be in Maiduguri for hustling? May be Aso Rock Villa's hillock is shielding your Excellency. It is time, you dare the Boko Haram, visit Maiduguri, your Excellency and behold a once 'Pearl of the Kanuri's' turned to 'Darkness at Noon'.



In raising the American flag on the Japanese Island of Iwojima, by the US Marines, the allied commander General Arthur Mac-Douglas, described Japan's 'kamikaze' divine wind' [the once supposedly invincible wind],as a defeated man made wind!




The sects are not faceless, endure your Excellency and pay a visit to Maiduguri, enough of this annihilation of defenseless and hapless Maiduguri citizens. Senator Alimodu Sheriff is still alive same goes to some senior serving National Assembly members, senior government [federal and state] officials and businessmen who have being indicted for aiding and sponsoring these sects.


In the heat of Iraq war, former US President, George Bush, was in Baghdad. Borno State is part of your constituency and your Excellency should not watch the state reduce to rubles. Maiduguri is at standstill, with fear all over. Commercial activities [especially the internationalfish trading market] are gradually going and have been paralyzed. It is indeed a sad scenario seeing Maiduguri, a once thriving city going under, no thanks to the Boko Haram malaise.



Mr President, you are the last man standing not to have visited Maiduguri [the Boko Haram enclave], your deputy has dared, your visit may and hopefully calm the sects. Mahatma Gandhi was quoted as saying at his ashram to Lord Irwin "when your country and mine shall get together on the teachings laid down by Christ in his Sermon on the Mount, we shall have solved the problems not only of our country but those of the whole world".



Mr President, try Mahatma Gandhi's ashram meeting with Lord Irwin and visit the Boko Haram, dare them!



Enough of these wanton killings and destruction!


Taiwo Lawrence Adeyemi.

Country Representative; Whisper Poetry.

Alternate Email:   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Cells:+234 [0] 812-148-2077.

+234 [0] 816-950-3218.




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