Monday, March 01, 2021
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ideas have consequences

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Strategic Research & Analysis

Strategic Research & Analysis

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Stevie C. Chiakwelu

Stevie C. Chiakwelu is the CEO of Stebil Computers Ltd. He is a Senior Fellow and developmental analyst at  AFRIPOL.Org

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Vincent Ogboi


Mr. Vincent Ogboi  is a Senior fellow, economic and financial analyst on  African affairs at Afripol organization.  A scholar of Economics, Banking and Finance.

He can be contacted:


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Emeka Chiakwelu

The founder and principal policy strategist is Mr. Emeka Chiakwelu

He can be contacted:

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Dr. G. Stanley O’koye

Dr. G. Stanley O’koye, M.D., Ph.D. , Chief Medical Correspondent, Africa Political and Economic Strategic Center (Afripol) and St. Jude Medical Missions

He can be reached at:

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Dennis Alvarez

Dennis M Alvarez Jr., is the Senior Fellow and Environmental Expert at Afripol Organization.

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  POEM: Really, Nigeria Is Independent?By Emeka Chiakwelu Arbitrary winking as set free in 1960Given a flag to hoist without metaphorGiven a national anthem to sing without clarityGiven a pledge of allegiance to recite without thoughtGiven a foreign language to speak, dream, cogitateHinged in freedom symbols devoid of significanceWhile fisted chains of bondage speaks volume, rattlingFor the eye to see, ears to hearWhere is your identity?Paraphernalia, accessories of country does not make a nationNation is organic with soul and bloodBut are you capable of nuanced thoughts?Too complicated for a simpleton to comprehendWhat do you know about Independent?What do you know…
We were all Jews  By Emeka Chiakwelu The surpassing mind of thought bowering our collective historyThere goes again reminiscing on the yester years of anguishWe did not chose the history of oppression, it landed on our backsBut somehow, someway it became our historyA hell of years to recollect, remember, cogitateSetting aside of blues dropped, situated in winter airDrowned by darkness, fabricated by a treacherous mindWhat a wicked mind?  Worse than a wicked mind wangling at nightA humiliation came from a diabolical mind, hatched in a stone bowlWhile they sleep at morning, deadly night of destruction comes Muted breath that hatred…
Third Force Forum (3FF)-The Coalition of Former Presidential Candidates and Aspirants in Nigeria -  have issued a below Press Release that asked  Southerners in Muhammadu Buhari’s Cabinet to Resign. Adversity Introduces a Nation to Itself It is with profound sadness that we the undersigned, former Presidential Candidates and Aspirants, under the auspices of the “Third Force Forum”, arose from an emergency meeting, in the week ending April 10, 2020, to address the below matters to all Nigerians: Pursuant to the federal government’s lopsided distribution of COVID-19 palliative “Cash Transfers” across Nigeria, through the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, with a distribution formula…
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